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Waffendetails für 'M-9A1 Rocket launcher (Bazooka)'
M-9A1 Rocket launcher (Bazooka)

The bazooka is a man-portable anti-armor rocket launcher, made famous during World War II. It was one of the primary infantry anti-tank weapons used by the United States Armed Forces, and was based on the principle of the High explosive anti-tank (HEAT) shell. It was nicknamed "bazooka" from a vague resemblance to the musical instrument of the same name invented and used by Bob Burns. The M1A1, M9, and M9A1 rocket launchers saw widespread use throughout WWII.

During the war, German armed forces copied the U.S. design, increasing the warhead diameter to 8.8 cm, as well as other changes, and issued it as the Raketenpanzerbüchse "Panzerschreck".

The word "Bazooka" is often informally used to refer to any shoulder-launched missile weapon.

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